We’re thrilled to announce details of our forthcoming authors. Each has written a brilliant first novel, and we’re confident that these are names that you’ll be hearing about for years to come. We’ve already got books from a broad range of genres, so whether you’re into laugh-out-loud romantic comedy or chilling psychological suspense, we hope we have something for you.

Do check back – we’ll be adding more authors all the time. And do note that titles and publication dates are provisional and subject to change…


Ayisha Malik’s Sofia Khan is not Obliged is a heartwarming and hilarious novel, starring Sofia Khan, a cynical yet firmly religious book publicist. Between battles to pray in the medical room at work and relatives imploring her to get married, Sofia somehow finds herself tasked with writing a book about the Muslim dating world, despite vowing to remain celibate and single. But might she find true love in the process?

Graham Minett’s The Hidden Legacy is a psychological drama, following the after-effects of both a horrifying crime and a life-changing gift. Bearing the scars of a recent divorce, Ellen Sutherland is up to her elbows in professional and personal stress. When she’s left a beautiful cottage in a Cotswold village she can’t believe her good fortune. There’s just one problem – she’s never heard of the old woman who left it to her. She begins a search for answers, but Ellen has no idea how much she has to learn about her past…

David Young’s Stasi Child is the first in a historical crime trilogy set in East Germany. When Oberleutnant Karin Muller is called to investigate a murder at the Berlin Wall in 1975, she presumes she’s seen it all before – but this time it seems the dead teenage girl was trying to escape from the West… Despite being strongly discouraged from asking questions, Muller begins to investigate. But this is not a regime that tolerates a curious mind, and Muller doesn’t yet know that the trail she’s following will lead her extremely close to home…

Rebecca Thornton’s The Exclusives examines a schoolgirl friendship gone awry at an elite private school. When a night out goes badly wrong for best friends Josephine and Freya, their differing reactions will inexorably tear them apart, with devastating consequences. Nearly twenty years later Freya gets in touch – but is Josephine ready to face her?

Deborah Bee – Invisible

Sarah, trapped in a coma and unable speak or see, cannot remember the accident that put her there. Kelly, a foulmouthed teenager who visits her in hospital everyday, has something to hide. A shockingly original thriller with two totally convincing protagonists, this will keep you gripped right to the final page.

Alexandra Curry – The Courtesan

Beginning in 1881, The Courtesan follows seven-year-old Jinhua on a brutal journey of friendship and sacrifice, temptation and redemption that will take her from rural China to the heart of Europe, and will show her the best – and very worst – of human nature.

Gayle Curtis – Beneath the Miasma

Set in England between 1984 and 2006, Beneath the Miasma is a twisted thriller that forces a family to look inwards for answers to some of the darkest questions.

Colette Dartford – Learning to Speak American

For grieving parents, Duncan and Lola Drummond, a chance visit to California’s Napa Valley and the impulsive purchase of a derelict house, seems the only hope to save their marriage. But as the anniversary of their daughter’s death approaches, the secrets and lies they have tried so diligently to conceal, are dramatically revealed with devastating consequences.

Tanya Ravenswater – Jacques

Part Dead Poets’ Society, part Austenian love story, this intelligent debut charts the progress of what seems from the outset to be an impossible romantic relationship, and relates a young man’s struggle to forge his own values and identity in an often unsympathetic environment.

Lesley Richardson – Biddy Weirdo

Labelled a ‘Bloody Weirdo’ when she was ten years old, Biddy Weir is a shy loner, in this heartbreaking story of bullying and redemption.

Lee Robinson – Lawyer for the Dog

50-year-old attorney Sally Baynard is baffled when her ex-husband, a judge, appoints her to represent the interests of a pet dog in a divorce case. But is his request all that it appears – and what might she learn from the fate of Sherman the schnauzer?

Kevin Sullivan – Sleeping with Heroes

In this against-all-odds story of love, dedication and betrayal, a young British doctor has to overcome the dangers of the Bosnian war to rescue a dying child whose life can only be saved by surgery in Britain.


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