Open Submissions – Entry Guidelines

We’re open for submissions!

For the first 27 days in September, Twenty7 Books will be open to unagented submissions, with the support of Cornerstones Literary Consultancy. As an imprint we only publish the best of debut novels, and we’re so excited by this new channel for discovering talented authors.

We’ll be posting a series of articles from our editors and authors over the next four weeks with inspiration and guidance, and we’re also going to host a number of Twitter Q&As to answer any questions – do follow us @twenty7books or using the hashtag #Twenty7Submissions.

What we’re looking for

As an imprint we publish a really broad range of fiction – in just our first couple of months we’re publishing a romantic comedy, a Cold War crime novel and a sweeping historical epic, amongst other things. We’ll be considering submissions in all genres, and all we’re really looking for is something we believe has the potential to be a bestseller.

However it’s worth noting that we are a fiction publisher, so we aren’t considering short stories, essays, poetry or non-fiction pieces; and just as importantly we don’t publish children’s or YA books, as we have two wonderful sister imprints who do that very well.

Also we only publish debut novelists, so if you’ve had a novel published before, we regret to say you aren’t eligble.


How to enter

All you need to do is send a one page pitch and the first 5,000 words of the novel to, with the subject line ‘OPEN SUBMISSIONS: BOOKTITLE by YOUR NAME’.

The pitch and the opening should be contained within the same word document – and it would be very helpful if the title of this file was the book title.

Submissions are open until 11.59pm on Sunday 27th September



Are you still open for agented submissions

Absolutely – we’re always open to submissions from agencies.

What should I include in my pitch?

It’s entirely up to you, but it should definitely include some information about what the novel is about, some information about you, and perhaps something about what inspired the novel, or which other authors you think it resembles. This is the very first thing we’ll read, and it will be competing against hundreds and hundreds of other submissions for our attention – be confident, and tell us why we should read yours.

Can you acknowledge safe receipt of my entry?

Sadly because of the number of entries we won’t be able to respond to each individually to acknowledge receipt.

We intend to contact everyone, whether or not they are successful, in January.

I’ve been published/have self-published before – am I still eligible?

As an imprint we only publish debut novelists and are focused on new talent, so if you’ve had a novel published before then sadly you won’t be eligble.

If you’ve self-published or have written non-fiction, short stories, poetry or books for children then you are certainly still eligible, but it would be very helpful to let us know in the pitch.

I’m not from the UK – am I still eligible?

We’re open to English language writers from all over the world. However we are a UK-based company, so we’d anticipate that successful entries will appeal to British readers.

I have more than one book – can I enter both?

We’ll only be considering one book per author, so please think carefully and only submit your strongest. If you submit more than one book they may not all be read.

I foolishly got over-excited and entered too early – will my submission be considered?

Only entries that are received between 1st September and 27th September (and which adhere to the guidelines above) will be considered. If you entered too early we won’t have looked at your entry, so please do re-submit now that we’re open.



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