Our first ever cover – pre-order STASI CHILD now!

As you might have seen, last week we revealed our first ever cover, in conjunction with the wonderful Crime Fiction Lover blog. Here’s the cover in all it’s glory – and we’d love to know what you think.



Stasi Child is one of our launch titles, publishing in ebook-first in October, then in paperback in Spring next year. It’s a gripping crime thriller, set in East Germany, and we very much hope you’ll love it.

You can pre-order your ebook copy now.

*       *       *

East Berlin, 1975

When Oberleutnant Karin Müller is called to investigate a teenage girl’s body at the foot of the Wall, she imagines she’s seen it all before. But when she arrives she realises this is a death like no other: it seems the girl was trying to escape – but from the West.

Müller is a member of the People’s Police, but in East Germany her power only stretches so far. The Stasi want her to discover the identity of the girl, but assure her the case is otherwise closed – and strongly discourage her asking questions.

The evidence doesn’t add up, and Müller soon realises the crime scene has been staged. But this is not a regime that tolerates a curious mind, and Müller doesn’t realise that the trail she’s following will lead her dangerously close to home . . .


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