JoelWelcome to the first ever website for Twenty7 Books! We’re a new start-up within the internationally renowned Bonnier Publishing, and we’ll be bringing you debut fiction across a broad range of genres, from high-octane crime thrillers to the most heart-warming romances.

Our editorial team is currently on the small side – it’s just me, Joel Richardson (hello!). I began my career at Quercus, and have worked in all areas from audiobooks to social media to translated fiction. I’m lucky enough to be working with a brilliant group of talented people from across Bonnier Publishing, above all the fine folk of Hot Key Books and Piccadilly Press, with whom we share an office in Clerkenwell.

To give you some background, we were founded by Mark Smith, who also founded Quercus back in 2004. Along with our sister imprint Zaffre – more news on that coming soon – we’re planning to publish brilliant commercial fiction in the UK and internationally. What makes Twenty7 different is our focus on debut authors. Any reader will know the special joy of being the first to discover a truly brilliant book, and as publishers we’re no different – our ambition as an imprint is that in ten years’ time every bookshelf will be full of books by authors who began their careers at Twenty7. (And we should say too, that once those authors get on to their second and third books, they’ll be published by Zaffre – we don’t want to let go!).

There’s not too much more to say for now, but stay tuned (or, more helpfully, follow us on Twitter @twenty7books) for more news on the joys and disasters of building a new publishing company, and most importantly for updates on our brilliant first set of authors – I can’t say too much for now, but rest assured, you’re in for a treat . . .


One thought on “Hello!

  1. Book discovery is essential, as far as I can make out, the digital revolution has practically killed it. Amazon reviews have been shaken by repeated scandals (bought reviews, reviews by willing friends, exchange reviews etc) and Amazon rankings and algorithms successfully bury any new book and only keep throwing up the same authors with the same titles…

    So it’s a pleasure to see a new imprint trying to focus on debut novels!


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